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The Ontario Ministry of Natural resources (MNR) reminds the public that no burning is allowed during the day from April 1 to October 31.

Permits are not required for most small-scale burning of wood, brush, leaves or wood
by-products if the following conditions are met:

All Fires
The fire must be at least two meters from any flammable materials.
All fires must be tended by a responsible person until extinguished.
Adequate tools or water must be available to put the fire out.
The fire is to be started no sooner than two hours before sunset and must be put out no later than two hours after sunrise.

Plied Material
One pile only that is less than two meters in diameter and less than two meters in height.

Grass and Leaves
The total area to be burned is less than one hectare.
The length of the glaming edge is less than 30 meters.

Must be an enclosed device.
Must be at least five meters from a forest.
Must be covered with a lid made from 5mm or smaller wire mesh.

Residents in organized municipalities must check with their local municipal office for other burning restrictions or bylaws.

When a Restricted Fire Zone Order is implemented, no outdoor fires are permitted.