Colormark Privacy Policy

Colormark supports and abides by the requirement of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Data Act (PIPEDA). It only collects personal data with approval, using fair and lawful means, and only uses it for the purpose for which is was collected or as required by law.

Colormark is supportive of the idea of the right of individuals to inspect their data as it appears in Colormark’s lists and have it corrected if found in error or lacking in completeness.

Colormark does not sell, lease, rent out nor lend out information lists containing personal information. In the event that Colormark considers a request for the use of a list to be beneficial to the membership of Colormark, then Colormark may release it to another agency with the approval of the persons in the list.

Agencies wishing access to lists containing personal information have to pay the cost of Colormark seeking approval for its use.